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Saintb{GM app}

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Saintb{GM app} Empty Saintb{GM app}

Post  stany123 on Sun May 09, 2010 9:09 am

Full name: Stan van buggenum

Age: 14:P

Time zone:+1gmt Amsterdam

Why do you want to be a gm?:Because i have been playin maple almost 5 years(5th birthday of maple comes)
i had some of my own server not that good but good enough.

How do you think you can help the server:
By getting hackers away making sure there is no scamming/spamming alive.
to make the server run smoothly to help ppl who need help.

Would you host events?If yes what kind off:
probaly it will be a hide and seek or a questing event/jump quest,,But only if i have premission do to that:D

What are your stronger points as gm: i know the game as the best ive bin a hacker to so i know where to find them and i am verry helpfull but not too helpfull,, so i am not giving ppl money if they ask

What are your weaker points as a gm: i dont think i have any if so we need to find out if i am a gm

Please tell something about yourself: Well i am 14 i am a dutch kid but my english is kinda good i think
my hobby's are going outside or play maple
mostly i am on 3-4 hours a day,, if its not more


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Saintb{GM app} Empty Re: Saintb{GM app}

Post  Physical on Mon May 10, 2010 4:08 am


I miss the following things.

-Too short
-Not enough information
-Wrong format

Sorry Saintb!

Regards ;

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