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Oracle's Forum Admin Application!

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Oracle's Forum Admin Application! Empty Oracle's Forum Admin Application!

Post  Oracle aka MrBoiBoi on Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:12 am

Name: [color=red]You can just call me Oracle.

Age: 15 (this year)

Country: Singapore


Why i want to be a forum moderator?

I want to be a forum moderator is because i want to help the forum in 1st hand as if i am not wrong i am the most active User in the range near my timezone so i will be able to handle Users near my timezone in the 1st hand as i will be checking the forum every 5-10mins and will be online for at least 8 hours a day.Same with zaytrex i have join this server for a long time and i can say that i know most of the community too!

Do i have any experience?

Although i have not been a forum moderator before but i have been on forum for quite a long time and i am used to forums so if i am chosen to be a forum admin whatever major things i will firstly discuss with physical or crank as they are much more and well experience!

Oracle's Forum Admin Application! 64941261c425f6dm3

Oracle's Forum Admin Application! Rainbowgm
Oracle aka MrBoiBoi
Oracle aka MrBoiBoi

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