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Houston, we have a problem! Empty Houston, we have a problem!

Post  Physical on Sun May 16, 2010 2:40 am

Dear members of RestyleMaple!

I have GOOD news and I have BAD news ..
The bad news is that my laptop will be send to Acer Repair System, because my laptop
is a little bit screwed up.
As some of you know, ACER is NOT a good Repair system..
It takes 4-7 weeks .. 8 Weeks MAXIMUM..

The good news is that my laptop will be as good as new!
This will be renewed ;
-1 Terabyte Hard drive
-Quad core
-New nVidia Graphic card
-New Virusscanner(not important)
-And much more!

For now I'm gonna use my dad's PC for checking the forums and MSN.
More information?
E-Mail or add me on MSN @

We also got some active GM's u can ask!

Thanks for the patience and thanks for reading this..

Yours ;
Physical of the RestyleMaple-Community!

Owner + Coder of RestyleMaple!

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Contact ;
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